A Fetish For Panties

Have you ever wondered what makes a hot blooded male prefer the images of a woman in panties over a lady naked with her legs spread apart. What makes the attraction of a piece of material hiding the intimate regions of a female so appealing? No matter what the reason having a fetish for women’s panties is more common than you might think and it brings immense sexual pleasure to those that are willing to explore and enjoy it.


Many believe it stems from something that happened in your childhood years. It could have been a sneaky glimpse up the skirt of your teacher as she bent over in the classroom or even a friends mom as she hung her skimpy panties out on the washing line? There are those men that enjoy just looking at women in panties, some men enjoy wearing them and some even enjoy the smell and aroma of soiled or worn panties.

As I have explored my own reasons for my panty fetish I was surprised that is is not just men who get turned on by sexy panties, women do to. I have spoken to a woman who buys at least one new pair a week, she is addicted to the feel that a new pair give her and I have spoken to a happily married lady who says that seeing other women in pretty panties turns her on.

My panty fetish started when I was at school and I saw through the dressing room door of the girls changing room and the teacher was standing there in her bra and panties getting changed. The same games teacher doubled up for English as well and she always wore knee length skirts. I am sure she knew that many of the lads were attracted to her and she seemed to enjoy the attention. I remember seeing a glimpse up her skirt a few times from distance but only once did I manage to get a full on view up close when she was wearing the most striking and very sexy pink panties.


As I got older this fetish for panties evolved into wanting to smell them after they had been worn. Even now I rarely walk into anyone’s home without making an excuse to visit the bathroom and helping myself to a good rummage through the laundry to have a good smell of the crotch area. Panties are the item closest to a woman’s body, not just her body, her most intimate part, her pussy. They hold all the scent that makes a woman a woman, the scent that only a woman can have, the natural scent that god gifted her and the most natural man pulling perfume on earth.

Every woman has her favorite pair of panties and at the end of the day she discards them into the laundry basket and they are seldom handled by anyone else apart from the lady that owns them. For me having a pair of panties that have been worn and unwashed is like having a piece of her with me.

If you have ever purchased a pair of worn panties before you will know the feeling, if you haven’t it is hard to describe the intoxicating scent that fills your nostrils when you first open a zip lock bag containing the moist and scented material. Your head buzzes, your cock gets an instant erection and you are literally a few inches away from a strangers pussy, a stranger you have seen pictures of and desire. All that is left for you to decide is do you just continue to enjoy the aroma or do you want to gently lick and suck at the material having oral panty sex.

Spunk Over My Panties

I raised my skirt to my hips revealing opening my legs as far apart as I could to reveal the crotch of my shiny red panties. My lover positioned himself between my thighs and started to wank himself. I was so horny watching him, I could also feel my panties getting moist from inside as my pussy started releasing some love juice of its own. “Spunk my panties dirty boy” I demanded. “Let me see how much spunk you can give me”. I reached forward and cupped his testicles with my hands, gently massaging them, coaxing his cum to the point of release.


I felt him tense as the first load of cum splatter was released missing the target and hitting my naked tits. It felt warm and comforting as it trickled down my breast, the second shot was right on target, straight down the middle of my panties followed by a third and fourth pulsating barrage of cum. I grabbed his cock and squeezed the final drops of man juice out of his shaft as he lay back and watched as I began rubbing his cum deeper into the fabric.

The smell of fresh male semen filled my nostrils releasing more pheromones, my pussy was aching for relief of its own. I took off the panties and licked his cum from them. The taste of my own fluids mixed with his man juice made my head spin. I started fingering my clit ready for a big orgasm and as I looked up I could see my lover was hard again. I was hungry for his stiff cock and this time I was going to take every inch of it.

Mums Dirty Panties

Late one evening just before I retired to bed I needed to visit the bathroom. As I was taking a pee I noticed a pair of my mom’s panties lying on the bathroom floor. My mum may be 44 but she still has a fit body and my mates often comment on her good looks. Assuming that they had just missed the laundry basket I picked them up off the floor, my index finger hitting the crotch area which was damp and sticky, my initial thought was yuck as I threw them into the basket and made my way back to my bedroom.

I climbed into bed and as I lay there my thoughts turned to my mum’s panties. I started to imagine her wearing them and to my horror I started to get an amazing hard-on. I thought about the sticky crotch realizing that it was my mom’s pussy juice and that she must have had a wet and horny vagina when she took them off. My mom has been single since she split with my father a year ago so I knew that the substance was nothing but her own fluid in the cotton lining.

Placing my finger to my nose and sniffing it I noticed a musky scent. I had never screwed or been that close to a real woman’s pussy before, however I knew by the excitement the smell gave me that this was the scent of a pussy. I made my way back to the bathroom and picked out my mum’s panties hurrying back to my bedroom so I could inspect them closer.


They were a cotton thong style and black in colour. I opened them out inspecting the area that would have been closest to my mum’s pussy and I was amazed at the amount of off white substance that was contained within the gusset area, now I knew what it actually meant when I had previously heard someone use the description of ‘creaming your panties’. I ran my finger through the stain taking more notice this time of its texture, slightly sticky and rather gooey. I stared at the panties for a moment not 100% sure what to do next and I guess instinct took over.

Bringing them closer to my face I inhaled deeply, the intoxicating scent of my mum’s pussy filled my nostrils and I don’t believe my cock had ever felt so hard. Yes I have had more hard-ons than I care to remember but this one was different. I pressed the fabric hard against my nose as I started to stroke my cock. My head was filling with thoughts of incest that should have scared me but instead it just increased the intensity of my raging hard-on.

I was getting near to exploding my load but this was all too quick, I wanted to savour my first smell of a real pussy longer, I also began wondering what a pussy might taste like and how cool it would be if my mum offered herself to me for the taking. With a flash of inspiration I decided to hook the panties over my pillow, stretching them wide to mimic what my mom’s open legs and exposed crotch might look like. The only difference being that they were inside out with the sticky pussy juice facing me.

Positioning myself face down on the bed with the panty dressed pillow in front of my face I began to softly rub my nose up and down the lining of the crotch. As I took in deep breathes of my mum’s natural aroma I remember wishing how I had one of those pussy in a cans. My cock was throbbing so hard it was almost painful and I just wanted to stick it into something. Then the moment I shall never forget… my first taste of pussy as I licked the crotch. The taste was non describable, it sent a tingle into my jaw and neck and caused my cock to leak with some pre-cum.

Now I knew what real pussy smelt and tasted like. If only I could feel it too!! I was now in such a heightened state of sexual tension I didn’t care what the consequences might be if I were caught. Pulling the panties from my pillow I wrapped them around my cock stroking the soft material along the length of my shaft. I don’t know what my mom’s pussy would feel like if it were to swallow my cock but I knew her panties sure as hell felt good.

I could feel my balls tightening and I knew I was about to spurt my hot sticky load. Opening them out I wrapped the pussy stained area around my bulging end, the thought of my mom’s pussy juice actually touching my cock was mind blowing as I spilled my cum into her panties. My own juice mixing with that of my mum’s pussy as I soaked her panties. I took a deep breath, what was I going to do now, surely she would notice my handy work when she came to wash her panties.

I popped them back into the wash basket, maybe they would dry out by the time she came to wash them and although I knew they would be laundered before she wore them next time the thought of my mom wearing panties I had spunked into was quite a kinky turn on.

What Appeals To You About Women’s Panties

A sexy pair of panties, the last obstacle between you and your woman’s honey pot. It is no wonder that so many of us just love seeing a beautiful woman in a tight pair of panties. As the lust between you grows and she gently parts her legs, you can see the taut fabric of her panties outlining her vulva. Her shapely bulge hidden behind the cotton, letting us vaguely distinguish the profile of its protruding inner and outer labia and its fleshy maybe swollen clitoris.

You want to dive straight in but you know that the vision before you is a big part of the enjoyment, the anticipation of what awaits you. How moist will her pussy be, how much does it desire your touch or your kiss. Wanting to fill your senses to their limit you gently lower your face into her crotch smelling her sexual desire. You know that the soft absorbent material has been in constant contact with her love nest and now you wish to smell the greatest perfume god gifted to women, the natural musky scent of a moist vagina.

We are not talking unwashed or dirty, we are talking of a lady who has showered and refreshed herself after a long day and who has popped on a nice crisp white pair of panties to enjoy an evening out. While enjoying the evening she has been turned on by your company, she has had a warm glow building between her thighs and what she has produced for the past couple of hours is pure love juice which has nowhere to go apart from the lining of her panties.

As you breathe in deep the aromatic smell sends you dizzy with desire giving you a head rush that loses you in the moment. You cannot stand it any longer and your fingers start to probe for her moist patch as you slip your hand down the waist band of her panties. As you start to tease her slit the teasing becomes to intense for your woman and she thrusts up her pelvis engulfing your probing digit.

Your hand starts to rub away at her wet pussy, your fingers gliding in and out like a well oiled machine, all you can see however is her stretched panties as you continue to masturbate her but you don’t mind, you know your turn is just around the corner.

Whale Tail Thong Panties

What is a Whale Tail? Apart from the obvious fact relating the the rear end of the largest mammal on earth, a whale tail is the effect that happens when a girls G-string or Thong becomes exposed above the trouser line as she walks, bends over or squats. The appearance of this Y-shaped fabric termed a whale tail is more a fashion statement in today’s modern society.


Panties which used to be a very personal piece of undergarments and made only viewable to those wearing them and their loved ones, are now much more knowingly displayed by many women who wear low rise jeans or trousers in combination with higher cut thongs.

The rise in popularity of the whale tail started when a Gucci model revealed one on the catwalk in the late 1990’s. Celebrities have also helped to ensure that panties have become more of a provocative garment intended for public display rather than a piece of clothing rarely seen and many B list celebrities will go out of there way to give the waiting cameras a flash of their panties in an attempt to gain some extra exposure.

Some women are unaware that there underwear is showing above the trouser lines while others are happy to share what their panties look like with the general public, the above image a prime “look at me example”, not that I am complaining, I wish more women would go out of there way to show off their panties and I certainly wish more women were wearing sexy ones like these.

Natural Cameltoe Through Panties

It is hard to find something more appealing and erotic than a female in a well fitting pair of panties. When I say well fitting I mean tight but not so tight that the elastic cuts in to her flesh yet tight enough to create a natural looking cameltoe just like we see here in this up close and personal shot of this females groin.

You know that hidden behind that fabric layer of her panties is a sweet honey pot waiting for you to give it some attention. The outline of her swollen vulva is clear to see and and you know that to create such a divine looking gorge she must be clean shaven. With her legs spread wide the proximity around her is filled with the musky scent of her sex escaping from those warm panties.


Can you imagine gently running your finger down the middle of her groin, starting at her ass and tracing a line down between her lips? I can almost feel the warmth emanating from behind those panties as she starts to heat up pressing herself back and forth as she starts to dry hump your hand. Slowly those panties would start to get moist as her vagina prepared itself hidden away from your view.

Would you have the willpower to remain patient and enjoy the moment longer or would you be clawing at those panties trying to get them down around her ankles to reveal that gorgeous soft ass and that inviting pussy? I think I would prefer to hook my finger into the gusset and position them to one side while I took her doggy style fashion and enjoy sex while leaving the panties on.